10gbps Stopped being 10gbps and X710 compatibility

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    • 10gbps Stopped being 10gbps and X710 compatibility

      Hello people!

      I am running OMV 3.0.53 and have a 10gbps X540 Intel card with 2 ports. It was all swell, but one day, out of the blue, one of the ports simply stopped supplying 10gbps and now only supplies 1gbps. I identified it as the port, because I switched cables and computers, and only this port is 1gbps. Is there any command where I can see if some config was reseted? In the GUI everything appears normal (note: complete linux noob here).

      Also, is intel X710 4 ports compatible with OMV Erasmus?

    • Yo can use ethtool or ifconfig commands to check your port.

      To test your port; I would recommend iperf both on client and server to check your network speed...

      On the server side (don't forget to open the 5001 port if you have a firewall running)

      Source Code

      1. # apt-get install iperf
      2. # iperf -s

      On the client side (Windows and/or Linuxà

      Source Code

      1. iperf -c ipOfYourServer

      You can find multiple tutorial on the net.
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