OMV4 For Downloader & Media Server - Docker the Only Way?

    • OMV 4.x

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    • OMV4 For Downloader & Media Server - Docker the Only Way?

      Now that I see OMV3 is at end of life, I'd love to move to OMV4. However I run stuff like Sonarr, Radarr, NZBGet, Plex, every day and from what I am reading there is no hope of these working under OMV4 and in order to get them working I need to first master Docker and get that running in OMV4 then use it to install all these plugins.

      No need for instruction, as I see there are many how-to threads popping up, but is that the only path vs. just trying to move to OMV4 and keep the existing plugins working as they are? My guess is that if I release-upgrade to OMV4 I'm going to break some or all of my plugins.
    • You have two choices going forward, use dockers or attempt to manually install the programs you need if there is no OMV 4 plugin avalable. The former is well understood and just works. The latter can be much more difficult and may not be even possible in some cases.
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    • Thanks for getting back to me so fast. Been reading up on docker. Think it's time I backup as many plugin settings as I can (like sonarr's), backup OMV, and do a full clean installation of OMV4 instead of an upgrade. I just run a bunch of separate drives in there and no RAID, so hopefully easy to set up OMV4 from scratch and get all my data back. Always scary though. OMV3 running smooth so I hate to touch it but I know it won't last forever.
    • After you get the first docker working, and are happy don't stop there. Convert them all, and attempt an in place upgrade from OMV 3 to OMV 4. That's highly likely to work without difficulties if you are sure to uninstall any OMV 3 plugins that do not have an OMV 4 equivalent. Success with this will save you the trouble of having to do a fresh install of OMV 4. Take good notes about your current configurations though, in case you do have to do a fresh install of OMV 4. This is how I went from OMV 3 to OMV 4.
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    • Is there a way to use this feature in OMV3? Most of the Docker tutorials are using /sharedfolders and I agree this is the best cleanest way. Or is the only way to set up Dockers this way to be in OMV4 first?

      • Shared folders can be accessed via /sharedfolders/<name> in the root filesystem.
    • This is great, thanks so much for the advice. Working well so far. I think one more question and I'm good.

      For the plugins where I really don't want to start over with config, like Sonarr and Plex, where I have large libraries and data running, is it as simple as backing up all the files from the existing plugin's config folder, installing the plugin in a docker, starting the container once, shutting the container down, overwriting the new docker-set config folder for the application with all the files and backed up, and starting the docker container for the plugin up again?
    • You shouldn't have to do anything special for Plex in a docker. The /config for the container is just the path to your current plexmedia folder (the one that has all the metadata). So long as the user/group that the container runs as is compatible/or same as the owner/group/permissions on that folder, it will just work. Same thing with the libraries - just point to them in the Volumes and bind mounts.

      For sonarr you could try reusing your existing config folder as well. Making a copy before trying this would be a good idea.

      This is how I did dockers for those two. For plex, the existing metadata folder was way too large (almost 200GB) to make a copy first.
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    • Just wanted to come back and say thanks, everything pretty much working without having to start over which was great. Maybe a little more glitch potential not having a fresh install but I'll deal. Setting up all those downloaders again is too much of a pain so being able to transfer settings was nice.

      I did notice that dockers themselves are tougher to upgrade if you want to bump the container version, hopefully a better solution for that down the road, but this is nice and does seem cleaner.
    • You can use Watchtower (there's a Docker for it) to keep your containers current. Some users think that arbitrarily updating containers is not a good idea, but so far I have had no trouble with it.

      You can restrict Watchtower to monitor and update a subset of your containers if there are some that you don't want to keep current.
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    • Two "How To Videos" for Watchtower by TechnoDadLife are available:
      Install Watchtower to Automatically Update Your Other Dockers
      Cleaning Up Containers Left by Watchtower Automatically
      The two helped me a lot to get an automated update going.
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    • Hello everyone,

      A few days ago I installed a Docker for Plex and it is working fine.

      Heard about Watchtower. However, I haven't found a recommended image for ARM (I have a RPi 3).

      Any recommendations where I can find an ARM image for Watchtower and some install instructions?

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      Hey, I'm using Docker Images!
      - Plex
      - Watchtower
    • javcsjc wrote:

      Any recommendations where I can find an ARM image for Watchtower and some install instructions?
      You obviously know how to install a Docker image, so search for watchtower and it will appear at the top of the list vtec/watchtower, select that, now in the pull image dialogue in Tags insert armhf:latest and it will pull the latest arm image.
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    • javcsjc wrote:

      Thanks @geaves.

      Watchtower docker is installed. Do you know how it should run, bridge or host mode?

      in the same mode that dockers that you need to watch , if all are in bridge mode, watchtower too, if are in host mode, watchtower too.
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