Remote Access Questions and iPad access

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Remote Access Questions and iPad access

      Have setup a Microserver for my parents using OMV, was very daunting at first but documentation was great.
      Servers purpose is:
      1. Media server using Plex which i have gotten to work with docker
      2. NAS to backup local computers(all macs so timemachine)
      3. NAS for remote access so I can use as well. Also to remotely manage the server. If i can use my iPad Pro to do this that would be great.
      Item 1 is done so that leaves item 2 and 3. Getting remote access to manage the server is the most important at this stage as i expect i will be able to do the rest remotely afterwards?

      Done a bit of reading, the reason for guidance is I don’t have much time at my parents place in a few days so want to prepare as much as i can before i go there.

      For remote access what is my best option, from reading VPN is the best bet but also seeing information about reverse proxies like Traefik. And can I access the OMV admin from my iPad and access files?

      Lastly what benefits does an application like Nextcloud give me, i thought OMV was all that was needed for a NAS device.

      I hope i’m clear thank you for any help.

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