Removing Entires From /Media - How?

    • OMV 3.x

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    • Removing Entires From /Media - How?

      Okay, I have spent enough time on this and give up. No RAID and due to swapping out some bad drives over the last year I have hacked manually into config.xml and fstab but carefully made changes. Everything looks good and I've looked at both files 10 times. Yet, there are a few entries showing up in /media after a reboot that should not be there. These UUIDs are not referenced anywhere in fstab or config.xml, so where is openmediavault generating these from? They are invalid and I want them gone, yet they come back even after a reboot. What other config files do I need to hack into and change to eradicate these things? Where to look?
    • I think I may have an easier way to ask this -- There is another file somewhere, other than fstab and config.xml, that is holding disk UUIDs. I need to know what other file(s) I need to check to find these old references to remove them.

      I realize I created the problem by manually modifying these files to begin with, now I just want to fix it without having to start over. Any other config files that I might be able to check for these references would be appreciated.