Unstable transfert SMB

    • OMV 3.x

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    • Unstable transfert SMB

      Dear All,

      Despite I'am a fan of OMV, unfortunately, I am not so used to Debian and code source.

      So, apologies for my poor technical vocabulary.

      Here's my issue :

      The smb transfert between OMV and my Windows 10 is very unstable ...

      For instance it could start with 11 Mb/s and fall down to 0 Mb/s until it says there's a problem to reach the server.

      I tried with all my computers on my network at home to see if its behaviour still the same... and then, Yes... it's very unstable.

      So imagine, I am watching a movie, and sudently, my movie is freezing. So I need to restart it ... If I am lucky, I can resume, if not... too bad !!

      I have read many topic about this... changing some tuning settings advices ...

      I have a Raspberry Pi 3b+ connected to a external NAS HDD. (Fantec)

      If you have any other idea to help me ?

      Thank you in advance
    • loganxwolverine wrote:

      Raspberry Pi 3b+
      Why do people buy crappy hardware? The manufacturer of this device doesn't give a sh*t about users. They just replaced one lame USB-Ethernet chip with another one and never did any tests prior to selling this board. Just do a forum search here or a web search for 'rpi 3b+ samba' -- even their forums is full of user complaints and AFAIK those 'great' RPi guys still have no solution (don't care anymore after they banned my account over there for censorship reasons)

      Replace your crappy hardware with something that works and you're done.
    • loganxwolverine wrote:

      to be honest, I don't really know with which single board computer do I have to replace it ?
      Which energy efficient ARM platform to choose?

      loganxwolverine wrote:

      Raspberry Pi is getting old, and "has been"

      The problem is that their 'minor improvements' they do every year to justify selling a 'new' board variant like with this RPi 3+ now are sometimes just keeping up with every other board maker around (see the thermal design of the SoC variant and board that are not that brain-dead as before since they picked up what every other SBC maker does since years) or something not considered/tested at all. And everything networking on the 'new' RPi is just like that: Untested and disfunctional.

      They chose a rather new GbE capable USB Ethernet adapter to integrate on the board but did not pay attention to anything relevant prior to that. Instead of using something that works great (RTL8153) they chose something that shows low performance and serious problems. And as usual they don't give a sh*t since 'We're selling millions so obviously we're doing everything right'.