Backup Snapshots and transfer

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    • Backup Snapshots and transfer

      Hello to everybody,
      finally, after a lot of things, i installed openmediavault to my home nas box.
      I have some question about how is better do for my backup.
      Currently, only for backup, i have two disks of 4TB (WD red) formatted in ext4 and i planning to use one disk like "master" and the other disk will be only for snapshots (using Rsnapshot).
      For transfer data from client, i understand that is better use something like urbackup because is the server that go to client and pull files to backup, and in this case i don't need to share a folder with samba.

      What is not clear in my mind is how i can use urbackup server and rsnapshot togheter? because i red that urbackup create snapshot too for backup files of each client.... so if after rsnapshot make another snapshot to the second disk , it will be a lot of files and a lot of size ? Or in any case is all normal because is all with hard link and there isn't problem if i have double snapshots?

      Thank you very much and sorry, maybe is stupid question, but i prefer to be sure to start with the better configuration

    • For client backup you can also use UrBackup as you mentioned. To backup the data on the server from the master disk to the other disk you can schedule a rsync job. No rsnapshot needed as UrBackup is already creating snapshots.

      I use UrBackup for client backup and duplicate for backup to the cloud. Some users do not like Duplicati as it uses mono.
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    • Thank you macom, so i think if i need to mix client backups and manual backups (copied from ftp or another way) is better something that take care about snapshot (if i'll use urbackup i'll have snapshot of client but not snapshot of manual backups). i think I'll try duplicati