Error enabling access to home directories after NMB/SMB activated

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Error enabling access to home directories after NMB/SMB activated


      I use the latest software installed from the latest available image for OrangePi+.
      After enabling SMB/NMB/CIFS service via the WEB UI I tried to enable the access to user's home directory. After pressing the button "Save" I get the following error message:

      I don't try to share these directories, I try to enable the access by dragging the slider "Enable user home directories" to the right as shown in the hardcopy. Its color changes from grey to green!

      Can anyone help?

      I stumble from one trap to another, one error after another.
      Slowly I ask myself the question, if this software is even ripe or works!

      Thanks in advance,
      Nobody is perfect!
      My name is NOT Nobody!
    • Go to Access Rights Management -> User -> Settings and enable home directories and pick a shared folder for them.
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    • This is actually typical behaviour in most NAS operating systems. Is it logical to most people? Maybe not.
      However, you have to think of each of the Services as just that, services. The enable user home directories option under SMB simply enables SAMBA to access the home directories that you set up in the access right management. Access right management is where you enable the actual share on the drive(s) and select where the home directory should be.
      The same will apply to other services, like FTP, where you have to add a share and then point that to a shared folder, or you'll end up in an empty directory you can't do anything with when you connect via FTP.
      It can be a steep learning curve sometimes and the error messages in OMV aren't as clean as they could be, but in your case it actually says exactly what the problem is.
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