Unexpected inconsistency error. OMV not loading

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    • Unexpected inconsistency error. OMV not loading

      Hi All,

      I have been using OMV for several years now, I made one server in my office and at home; they have been working beautifully for several years. But at home, two days ago I noticed that the shares of the NAS are not longer accessible from my Windows PC.
      Today I turned on a monitor I have hooked to the NAS box and when I reboot the NAS I got several errors, the main error is about /dev/sdd1: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY. I am attaching a capture from the screen of the monitor. I suspect the system HDD is failing or failed but not sure if it is something else. Let me know what are the possible fix. Maybe buying a new HDD and reinstalling the OMV?

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    • flvinny521, thanks for your help but I think is quite obvious that if the system is asking to run a fsck it means that I already tried that, very helpful to remind me that.

      Since my HDD seems to have failed on me and is the HDD where the system was installed, I have another questions to the OMV people or any other who wants to answer. I just bought a new drive, my OMV box already has a pool of 4 drives in RAID 6 with data. I don't want to lose what I have in those drives. What would be the procedure to install OMV in my new drive and still being able to keep and read/write in the previous shares I had in those drives?

    • Having the same, or similar, problem and can't seem to get past it. We had a power outage this past week, and I haven't been able to get to my OMV via the web interface at all, so I am working from the command line. Have a Dell Poweredge T20 box and I think the OMV version I am running is 3.0.47_all.deb, which appears to be pretty old - I might have updated to a newer version, but don't know what to say at the command line to get the version number. The command line is stuck at 'initramfs'. I have run the fsck manually and it returns, "fsck from util-linux 2.25.2". I am not very good at linux and I don't know what to do. Can anyone help?

      Here are the 3 screens that pop up after a CTRL-ALT-Delete reboot:

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    • flvinny521 wrote:

      This is actually quite simple. You can just manually unplug those data drives during the installation process. Afterwards, you should be able to simply connect them, mount the existing filesystems and recreate your RAID array.
      I, too, had a new SSD boot drive that I installed. Mae the changes to BIOS to recognize the SSD as the boot drive. nstalled OMV v4.1.3 and it boots right up. Then I tried simply re-connecting my data/share drives and it won't go to the boot screen, but goes to the "initramfs" with messages of "No such file or directory", "No init found. Try passing init= bootarg". But the system also won't recognize my keyboard, so I can't enter anything.

      Any ideas?