Fresh 4.x Install - how to migrate 3.x settings

    • OMV 4.x
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    • Fresh 4.x Install - how to migrate 3.x settings

      Hi All,

      On my 3.x install (which has been upgraded from 2.x) it is quite dirty because i install openkm and some other stuff outside of docker or plugins.
      the current config is taking about 23Gb on my 32Gb system drive which occasionally causes a problem with log files, etc that are not being auto deleted.

      For this reason, i want to do a fresh 4.x install on a new 32gb drive.
      I have a large set of firewall rules amongst other settings that i want to retain, so i need to migrate the settings from the old system 3.x

      Can someone offer some instructions on the process please. specially;
      - retain media drives / settings
      - retain firewall settings
      - retain plugins and settings

    • It is not possible to import any OMV related configuration and settings from an old install into a new fresh from scratch install. Everything will have to be set up again from scratch via the web GUI if you are starting with a fresh install of OMV 4. You can retain a copy of the config.xml file to use as reference while doing the new configuration.
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