Replace Internal Drives

    • OMV 3.x

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    • Replace Internal Drives

      So far i run OMV3 from an HPN40L machine and i got it set up with 4 internal sata drives. I want to replace some of them, which others of bigger capacity. What is the correct procedure so as not to run into any fstab issues or mounting errors etc.

      So lets say i prep my new drive and format it as ext4, and is ready for the system, if i go and unmount the drive, shut system down, remove old, install new, boot up, will that be the correct sequence of events? I dont want the fstab and the startup monitors to expect a drive that is not there any more, and drag the boot time
    • My server is one that I built. The way to do it is to unmount the drives in OMV, then you can remove them. Pop in a new one and it will show up in OMV. Then you can format it and mount it. Not really true "hot-swap" but you don't need to reboot.

      Also you probably know this, but you have to remove all share references before OMV will allow you to unmount a drive.