OMV in proxmox lxc

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    • OMV in proxmox lxc

      Hi! i dont know if this is the right thread for this.: i am really new to omv and proxmox and have a question: evrytime i tried to install omv in an lxc in proxmox i cant start it an / when i try to start it i get

      root@deb-9:~# omv-initsystem
      run-parts: /usr/share/openmediavault/initsystem/60rootfs exited with return code 2

      is it even possible to install omv4 in an lxc?

      PS.: sorry for my english grammer gore
    • Ezhulk wrote:

      is it even possible to install omv4 in an lxc?
      Is possible, but the lack of block device support makes it pretty much unusable. You can probably find info in the proxmox forums. I know @shadowzero had some omv lxc testing instances, but using lxd in ubuntu, not the proxmox lxc stack.

      An option is to use the remote mount plugin, so you can export nfs from proxmox and mount in the container. OMV will see this as a fs, and you can use shared folders.
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