docker haugene/docker-transmission-openvpn in raspberry pi create by Dockerfile.armhf show /etc/openvpn/ Permission denied in log

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    • docker haugene/docker-transmission-openvpn in raspberry pi create by Dockerfile.armhf show /etc/openvpn/ Permission denied in log

      Just got a new raspberry pi and I am using open media vault as basic system. I am not sure this will cause problem or not. But i use OMV and haugene/docker-transmission-openvpn on my old AMD PC for months without any problem. The different is pi using different CPU so i need to create the image before install.

      Here is my step from create docker => run .

      First I download the zip file and unzipped it push to my root/trans-vpn folder by winscp

      Second Create the image by == > docker build --tag="tony-trs-vpn" --file="Dockerfile.armhf".
      After a long wait i got the message said "Successfully built 5dca779656ec"
      "Successfully tagged tony-trs-vpn:latest"

      Third Using the same script I used in x86 system.
      sudo docker run --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --device=/dev/net/tun --restart=always -d
      -v :/srv/dev-disk-by-label-untitled/:/data
      -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro
      --env-file /root/DockerEnv
      -p 9091:9091
      Now I saw the container is keep restart by itself and repeat this error message
      "[dumb-init] /etc/openvpn/ Permission denied"

    • by the way the docker plugin for OMV4 is working great on my Raspberry pi. I have installed docker using the plugin and setup docker-trans-ovpn manually. Once setup it is ready to start/stop etc direct from the OMV GUI.

      If you are just setting this up as a downloading box, OMV4 (stretch) is a good choice as it will continue to get security updates etc.
    • Thanks @jata1 !! Ya, i am use OMV4 also, cause OMV3 has tons of issue right after installed. So i erase my sd card and install OMV4 right away.

      It's running perfectly fine now. And i setup a ngix proxy docker to direct out of my house. I can control it everywhere !!

      I notices the download speed on transmission is kinda slow 2-3 mb/s, compare to my old windows setup which can hit 10mb / s I am thinking is that the raspberry pi problem? But i am using iPad charger which only has 2A output. So I got low voltage warning on screen . Is this related?

      I do have other problem but not relate to the docker. Since I am using my windows as plex server. I wonder is there anyway i can access my windows share drive from OMV? I know i can do other way , windows access OMV SMB. But if i can access windows share drive in OMV i can move my file via terminal which is easier for me.
    • hard to say what is causing the slow speed using transmission. Best way to test is to use transmission as a standard OMV plugin vs the docker to see if there is a big increase. As there is VPN on the docker, that might be the cause.

      I'd have more info myself but I have moved to Sydney and where i live the internet speed is a joke compared to london so i'm just happy VPN/Transmission is working well.
    • What are the differences between using OMV's native OpenVPN plugin vs a docker container? I've been using the plugin for some time now without issues, but I was wondering if the docker version makes it easier to configure other aspects of OpenVPN (if any).
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