Can't Map Drive on New Server

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    • Can't Map Drive on New Server

      I have an OMV server setup and running using version 3.0.86. Everything works fine and can map a drive from all my computers to its share. I got a new server and installed OMV version 4.1.4-1 on it. Configured it. Can map a drive to it on all my computers except one. I get the "System error 86 has occurred" on it. I went through the settings on both servers, everything is configured identical as far as I can tell. I am guessing there must be some security feature that is part of the new server my one computer doesn't like. The computer that won't map is my work laptop and they have all kinds of firewall/security crap on it. Its probably something unique with it that is causing the problem but it works with the 3.0 OMV, not the 4.1. Unfortunately I have no rights to change any security settings on it so I have to make the changes on the server side. Thinking of rolling the new server back and see if it works and it is tied to the software version.

      commands I use in the laptop to map drive:

      net use n: \\[server ip]\[Shared_Files /user:[username] [password]

      all I change is the last octet of the IP address to specify which server I am connecting to. Client computer is Windows 7 Pro. (Don't think it is something with windows 7. I have a VM running Win7 Home and it maps the drive no problem)

      Any ideas?