SMB connection stays active even though PC is shut down?

    • OMV 4.x

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    • SMB connection stays active even though PC is shut down?

      Hi I'm having some peculiar issues with SMB connection not closing when I shut down the PC. I have the autoshutdown plugin installed and it monitors port 445 for active connections, the problem is that the autoshutdown does not put the OMV server into standby because it detects an active connection on the SMB port up to 1.5 hours after my main PC (Win 10, IP has been turned off:

      Source Code

      1. autoshutdown[15439]: INFO: ' _check_net_status(): Found active connection on port 445 (SMB/CIFS) from'
      2. autoshutdown[15439]: INFO: ' Found 1 active socket(s) from Port(s): 21,22,80,139,445,3689,6991,9091,49152'
      3. autoshutdown[15439]: INFO: ' sleep for 300s.'
      I'm assuming that this is caused by the windows 10 machine not properly closing the SMB session when it turns off? Could I somehow force a timeout for idle connections in OMV's SMB configuration?
    • Any ideas / suggestions? I'm still having the issue and the SMB connection seems to always stay alive for exactly 90 minutes after the Windows 10 PC has been shut down. It'd be nice if that 90 minutes could be changed somehow but I haven't figured out how.

      A workaround would be to create a cron job which would restart the samba service at, say, 30 minute intervals at around 11pm-1am for autoshutdown to work faster but I'd rather find a more elegant solution...