ATA Error Count increasing when reading smart status from within omv GUI

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    • ATA Error Count increasing when reading smart status from within omv GUI

      i recently had to replace a Harddisk due to a bad sector count. So i got myself a new 4Tb WD Red drive, installed it and the raid synced without any problems.
      Icurrently have 5 HDDs installed.
      2x WD Red 4TB (Raid 1)
      2x WD Red 3Tb (Raid1)
      1x Seagte 80Gb (System Disk)
      Yesterday the system sent me an email saying the ATA Error count from the new disk has incerased from 0 to 1. I tried to investigate the issui by using "smartctl -dev/sdb" and it confirmed the error.
      The other SMART Values are excellent so i decied to take a look at the other disks. And heres the thing: Most of the times when i try to read the SMART values from within the omv gui..the ATA error count increases by 1. After my testing i now have abot 20 ATA Errors on every device. However when i use the smartclt -a on the console, the error count keeps the same and is not increasing. I read through a lot of other forum posts bit i reaqlly cant imagin that all 4 Drives are bad or that all 4 Sata cables are somehow damaged. Especially since the error or only increasing when reading the SMART data from within the GUI.

      Regarding to the smart values from smartctl the errors always occur when reading or writing Smart logs.
      Here is one example output:
      1. When the command that caused the error occurred, the device was active or idle.
      2. After command completion occurred, registers were:
      3. ER ST SC SN CL CH DH
      4. -- -- -- -- -- -- --
      5. 04 51 01 00 00 00 00 Error: ABRT
      6. Commands leading to the command that caused the error were:
      7. CR FR SC SN CL CH DH DC Powered_Up_Time Command/Feature_Name
      8. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --------------------------------------
      9. b0 d5 01 e1 4f c2 00 08 00:21:46.061 SMART READ LOG
      10. b0 d6 01 e0 4f c2 00 08 00:21:46.061 SMART WRITE LOG
      11. b0 d6 01 e0 4f c2 00 08 00:21:46.028 SMART WRITE LOG
      12. b0 d5 01 e0 4f c2 00 08 00:21:46.028 SMART READ LOG

      I recently (2 weeks ago) updated from omv 3x to omv4. May this the reason? Regarding to the forum I may not be the only one with this problems. However i was not able to find a solution.
      Du you guys have any Idea whats causing the problem? Is far as i can tell there are noe errors in the syslog.

    • ok, I performed a bios update and also used a second disk to reinstall omv but the problem persists. This morning i had the chance to check this behaviour on a friends NAS. On his machine the situation is exaclty the same --> when trying to read the SMARt Info from within omv GUI an ATA Error occurs. So i come to the conclusion that there is a little bug in the usage of the smartmon tools in omv.
    • Can also confirm been having this "error" for years. It comes when I look at the SMART data in the GUI (haven't tested cli), and the error is ABRT with the smart read/write as you've shown. It happens on my WD Reds, my WD Re and my WD AV-GP. And my 8 disks are still alive, with the exceptions of those who died :whistling: (although, no reason to correlate that to the error in question ;))
    • The following are the important smart stat's for predicting failure. (From
      The ideal count is 0. If any of them are incrementing, it's just a matter of time and failure could happen quickly.

      SMART 5 – Reallocated_Sector_Count.
      SMART 187 – Reported_Uncorrectable_Errors.
      SMART 188 – Command_Timeout.
      SMART 197 – Current_Pending_Sector_Count.
      SMART 198 – Offline_Uncorrectable.

      SMART 199 - UltraDMA CRC errors
      (Counts are usually hardware or cable related)

      The above are, for the most part, standardized.

      The remainder of a drive's Smart Stat's could mean nearly anything and some of them are harmless. There's no standard for "counts", what's actually being measured, whether the statistic is linear, logarythimic, etc. These values vary between manufactures, who use them for their own purposes. For the remainder to have significance, it's necessary to research their meaning with each drive OEM.

      Note that some of the various error counts many not have any real world impact either. Much as it is with ECC RAM, hard drives have error correcting schemes in use.
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