Dropbox / Google drive on OMV?

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Dropbox / Google drive on OMV?

      Is there a way to have a Dropbox and (or) GoogleDrive (Insync or otherwise) to work with OMV?
      I don't intend those as backup - so I guess it rules out duplicati plugin.

      I want the Dropbox / GDrive folder to be accessible through SMB share I have already running - thus I won't have to install Dropbox / Google Drive on the clients. Thus it would be available to the clients through smb and I'd have a handy folder to throw stuff that I need when I'm on the go :) - and I wouldn't waste space.

      Any ideas whether it is doable (how?)? I have such setup on a regular Linux machine and it works great (had to set up some cron jobs that change file permissions as I couldn't figure it out through Dropbox / Insync) - would love to have it on OMV.
    • It currently isn't possible from the web interface. A dropbox or google drive plugin would have to be created. Maybe explain how you set that up on your regular machine and I could tell you if a plugin could be made.
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