Snapraid only some folders ?

    • OMV 3.x

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    • Snapraid only some folders ?

      I'm enabling the snapraid plugin now.
      Before i launch the sync (will take a long time on my atom to sync about 8To of datas) i'd like to ask something.

      When i used snapraid in linux mint, i used only one specific folder for each drive to sync (for exemple disk1/archivage, disk2/archivage...)
      It seems that the interface of the snapraid plugin only use full drive sync and not specific folder sync
      Do i have to edit the snapraid conf manualy or is there a way with the plugin interface ?

      Thanks a lot
    • The only way this might work via the plugin would be to use rules. Create one to include the only directory you wish to use with snapraid, and create another to exclude the entire disk. No idea if the order of the rules is important or if it would actually work at all.
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