Accidentally did a mv /* /media/tosomedirectory

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    • Accidentally did a mv /* /media/tosomedirectory

      Hello all,

      As the subject that I written, I moronically did a mv /* /media/tosomedirectory. I just realized it when I saw the permission denied messages and all my blood ran up to my head. My data seem to be intact because it was just moved to a different directory and I can access it from ssh and through SMB from the directory. However, some of my SMB mounts are not working obviously.

      Can I do a mv /media/<fromdirectory> / to fix it? Or is the OS screwed? I haven't restarted yet cause I know I will be much trouble.
    • Good news! OS is still alive. I moved my data back on the correct directory first then did a mv of the copied files to /.

      One thing to mention though, I did cancelled the accidental mv as soon I saw the error messages. I assume it started moving the interchangeable files first before the heavy stuff that is why my undo mv might have worked.