Can't connect from outside to omv through port 80

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Can't connect from outside to omv through port 80


      When I tried to connect from outside with a DNS dynamic it takes too long and appear a file to donwload!

      I've already tried new instalation,

      I've already check the port on my router, also my DNS dynamic with the provider (NO-IP).

      But, is so weird that when I tried to acess from outside with my domain, instead of acces to the page login from my OMV, it takes about 2 minutes and then give me the following message:

      ½E\gI2>uMbë\ºˆo&%bE!=ƳÙÀüþ?Aèªê\ñ¬OCD3~fk—Š}ÆOÀõf˜=0XC;BÒÛœ.ïJ›PÔS`t ••Ö4y_ÓÌšlwù¶¹>µM&Ý}ô¶ð܁/cº‹ÂiËi÷»B<ù»™Ø(?Îîùý¶”–p##Œ,‰j”ßO¬Ã£Ö•PæÕøå$"œAªr€¯Ø<>Dn¡ä-(ì9!YŠHÊ„üokEiô+¢ñMZ›U/`£óœÑý–âÞÊSÍáŸ>ëbcQ°ß¶¯ ªPó3l ©úé@µj·å­ñеŸò¦yZïo¤å%=9T5œñ,M;0êP

      or ask me (Chrome does that) if I want to save a file.

      Anybody with this kind of problem?

    • Don’t know what’s going on there. But just a serious recommendation do not use unencrypted http to access your server, if possible https but not even on standard port. Port higher than 10000 and a reverse proxy so queries are answered only on domain requests.
      Another more secure option is to use openvpn or socks (ssh) proxy which is much better.
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