Errors and Network loss every 3-5 days.

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    • Errors and Network loss every 3-5 days.


      I have just started having problems with my OMV unit. About every 3-5 days, my unit goes into a continuous loop of "[132348.0588899] (or any set of numbers) Watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#(any number from 1 13) stuck for (22 or 23)s! " . . . Some say Plex Media Serv:(set of numbers) or docker containe:(a set of number) . . . Has anyone ever seen this issue before? If so, do you have any remedies or will OMV-Firstaid . . . Any help to fix would be appreciated. I have a custom AMD Ryzen 1800X with 32gb RAM and 5 WD Red 4TB HD in OMV software RAID6 on Asrock x370 Tachi Motherboard . I am running the OMV program on Linux 4.14 kernel (Version Arrakis) and it is an ethernet connection to a Xfinity Router
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