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    • Notification not working


      I am working on making my server be automated without needing much attention and I am trying to get the S.M.A.R.T notification to work but I am having issues.

      Attached is my configuration of the notification config, I followed OMV's official guide using the Google SMTP server. (obviously I've added my information in where the generic information is shown)

      Attached are the issues I am seeing in the syslog.

      Any suggestions/ides would be greatly appreciated.
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    • So I got it working, for me these are my two issues:

      1. I had a real spaced out moment. My sender email address was left in the form of "". I forgot I was going to use my smtp email domain and didn't use the domain in the email.

      2. On the smtp server, I was reading somewhere that they didn't use the traditional smtp and instead used "" vs "".

      One of these 2 issues (or both) solved my issue.

      I'll close this issue.
    • Hello
      I have the same issue.
      IPv6 is disabled.
      Configuration is same as on picture in first post, and error is basicly the same, sometimes error shows the IPv6, sometimes an IPv4 adress. (See picture).
      After that I got error in log like on picture 2. It seams like I failed the password but that's not true because I login with that credentials in gmail without problems.

      Please can somebody help or explaint what is "transient DNS problem.".

      Sorry for my english :D

      Thank you

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