Partition reverted to unformatted state-What gives and can i get everything back with filenames

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    • Partition reverted to unformatted state-What gives and can i get everything back with filenames

      I have a server running OMV3 with 4x 300GB drives formatted as ext4 partitions. One of those 4 drives, has 3 shares inside, and yesterday i was copying some files in one of this shares. Eventually one copying concluded, i switched off the server as i do every night, and today in the morning, those shares seems unavailable. Every other share on the other 3 drives seems fine. When i go through management console to acess this one drive, it gives "communication failure".

      So i popped off that one drive and with an external dock i populated it in windows and with some utilities i tried to browse inside it. But i could not read it with any of those (While i also tried other ext4 drives, which could be read fine in windows with those utilities)

      Anyway so finally there was this eassos partitionguru utility, which can also recover files and partitions, even fro linux ext partition. Run it on that jammed partition, and it seemed it was recovering most of the files. So it seems that information and files is all there. But there is no structure in recovery. All im getting is 1.avi 2.avi 3.avi 4.avi. Without names i cant really know what i want to save and what not, in thousands of files

      ALso what could have caused this, and is there i way to revert the partition back to a working state without the recovery craziness?
    • therock003 wrote:

      IS there a way to do this without paying
      It can be scary but you should be able to recreate the partition with fdisk as long as you create it exactly the same. extundelete might help you too.
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    • You should consider using raid to get redundancy in your setup. ... and good backup/recovery is also key. It does sound like you do not have any backup in place for those files.

      If the files can be recreated that is okay, but if you required the files, or do not want to run through the hazzle of recovering them in some other way, you should consider a proper backup with a proper cycle (maybe daily).

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