NFS Shares not mountable / changed

    • OMV 4.x

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    • NFS Shares not mountable / changed


      I have some problems with my NFS - Shares. I deleted some shares and createt some new shares.
      I accepted the changes in the webinterface.

      They are listet in the
      • Webinterface
      • Ouput from cat /etc/exports
      • showmount -e
      • showmount -d

      But the Output of
      • showmount -a
      only shows the old exports.

      Therefore i am not able to mount from the explizit client.

      I also did a complete reboot, with no success

      The changes where made for IP Adresses which end with 22/29/62
      I've made screenshots from the output of showmount and the webinterface