Samba share to Windows 10 frustrating

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Samba share to Windows 10 frustrating

      I'm pretty sure this is Windows at fault as My Linux Mint connects superbly and so does my Android phone.
      Spec first.
      Old Gygabyte motherboard as server with a 2.8 core 2 duo processor.
      Connected via cat5e cable to 24 port switch.
      24 port switch connected to Hub(Router) using Cat5e cable
      My wife's Windows 10 with SSD connected to switch using Cat5e cable.

      When she open the file explorer it hangs on a white screen. Sometimes the PC has to be restarted to get the file explorer to complete.
      It is as if it gets confused trying to connect to the server. She says it has only done it since the OMV was installed.
      It's obviously using Samba/SMB.

      One thing I did think of is that in my search for OMV I installed another Distro and WIndows recognised it was SMB 1 Not Smb 2.
      I had to enable SMB 1 in windows and then decided I did not like it and found OMV.
      Would having SMB1 enabled cause this??
      Many Thanks

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    • I've never enabled smbv1 on win10 but it could cause that. Is her system in the same workgroup? I would disable smbv1 on her system and possibly set min protocol = SMB2 in the settings tab of the samba plugin in the extra options box.
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