Docker Restart Policy within containers

    • OMV 4.x
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    • Docker Restart Policy within containers

      Can I get more info on the Docker Restart Policy from the OMV console? I'll attach a screenshot for what I'm referring to. I see the 4 options (no, always, unless-stopped, on-failure) but want to know if it's something I need to set in case the server is rebooted or loses power and starts back up.
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    • (After testing the container to insure it's stable and something you want to keep.)

      If you want the container to run all the time, no matter what, set it to "always". That will cover a few scenarios.

      - Server Reboots
      - Container crashes (A Docker container is a type of Linux VM. While I've never see it with my containers, a crash is possible. )
      If the container is not corrupt, "Always" will restart it.

      If you need to stop the container, to do an update or for testing a replacement, manually stopping it in the Docker plugin will still work.
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