Orange Pi Win Plus vs Orange Pi Plus 2E

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    • Orange Pi Win Plus vs Orange Pi Plus 2E

      Hi guys

      I've a NAS based on Raspberry pi 3, and I'm planning on upgrade that to get a little more speed on my network,

      I found this 2 boards, Orange PI Win plus and Orange Pi Plus 2E, both with gigabit port and costing exactly the same.
      But since I don't know so much about the matter, I was wondering which one would be a better choice for my nas, and I'd appreciate some advice.


      My NAS has 4 drives, and the 2E just 3 USB ports, so i'd need to use some sort of usb extension on it to use the 4 drives, "Win" has 4 ports.

      And I notice there's a OMV image build specifically for the 2E, but none for the WIn plus, so maybe better compatibility?