New to OMV and running into issues after install

    • OMV 4.x

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    • New to OMV and running into issues after install

      I've been using Freenas for the past 5 years and decided to give OMV a try. I grabbd the ISO for 4.1.3 and had no issues getting it installed on an SSD but when I'm in the WebUI I began by trying to update the 'General Settings' and other tabs under system. Each one gives me an error similar to "Failed to read file '/tmp/bgstatusDRhYQ4' (size=0)." when trying to apply the change. I run into similar issues when trying to update through 'Update Management'. Changing permissions on these files seems to allow the changes to be applied but I'd like to find out what is going on rather than applying permissions every time I run into this error.

      System specs:
      Intel S5000PSL MB
      Dual Xeon X5450s @3GHz
      16GB ECC memory
      120GB Kingston SSD

    • This sounds like something related to a bug that's been fixed.

      (Assuming you can go through the process)
      Go to System, Update management, and do the updates. All the updates should bring you up to 4.1.9

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    • This bug has been fixed, simply updtae your system to the latest version vioa UI or CLI.
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