SMART Errors keep coming up. Extended SMART Test not finishing.

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    • SMART Errors keep coming up. Extended SMART Test not finishing.

      Hello there,

      I built myself a ovm raspberry pi NAS to run an automated regular Rsync backup from, my Qnap TS-251+. Everything is set and ovm manages to run a daily short offline SMART test.

      Problem is that I keep getting the following errors and I don't know if that is important or if I can ignore them:

      Furthermore, it seems like my scheduled extended SMART Tests wont even start. If I try it manual, they are staying at 90%, even after 3 days of running. I assume it has something to do with the power settings... I'm using a WD Black 2 TB in a UGreen 3.5 inch enclosure that powers down the hdd after like 10 min of not being used and I set the polling to 7200 and Standby.

      Can anyone help? Happy to provide more info, just let me know what you need. Please keep in mind that I'm a beginner and it took me ages to set it up in first place.

      Many thanks!
    • Flomotion wrote:

      UGreen 3.5 inch enclosure
      UGreen is just something written on an enclosure (a brand). That's not describing an actual product. The USB-SATA bridge inside the enclosure (and its firmware) is the only important thing. In case you use our OMV image for RPi the simplest way to provide information is to execute 'sudo armbianmonitor -u' and post the URL. Otherwise lsusb output would be needed.