i can't mount 3tb disk (ntfs)

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    • i can't mount 3tb disk (ntfs)

      i got a new 3tb disk ntfs formatted under windows 10 and after formation i copied almost 2tb of data. The problem is that the disk is visible under "disks" tab but i can not see it under "file systems" so i'm not able to mount it. First of all i want to use ntfs file system like i do with my other 2tb disk because i need to use it under windows sometimes, secondly, i would like to avoid to delete the whole data. Is there any solution?
      Please reply as simply as you can because i am newbie in linux, thanks in advance

    • chrispe wrote:

      i am newbie in linux

      The screenshots show that you run on a Raspberry Pi. This is a very bad idea since this is the most lousy platform any NAS can run on. See here for alternatives.

      To see 'what's wrong' with this NTFS HDD it would require to look into logs (dmesg) but it's simply not worth the hassles.

      Using NTFS with OMV is always wrong (you need a POSIX compliant filesystem) and using disks partially connected to a NAS (there using them via a filesharing daemon like Samba) and partially connected to a client as local disk is also always wrong.

      It's about the representation of filesystem metadata that's incompatible and therefore will get corrupted and it's about encodings (educate yourself about Unicode, UTF-16 vs. UTF-8 and the different normalization forms).

      You'll realize the problems once they occur only when it's too late so as a general advice: don't do this (using a disk attached to a NAS and attached to a client from time to time -- you'll get in troubles)
    • You should think about the advice of @tkaiser. But if you insist to use a NTFS formatted drive, try to remove the blanks in the disk label. Eg. "Seagate_Expansion_Drive_A". In OMV3 there were issues with NTFS and spaces in the label name.
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    • thanks guys for your advices. OMV runs on odroid-c2 and i use samba protocol for sharing. can i convert ntfs to ext4 without losing data? 2tb is too much data to thanfer 2 times in the last 24 hours. could you write the commands for the formation?
      @cabrio_leo I hane no issue with drive "Seagate Expansion Drive A" although the label has spaces.
    • chrispe wrote:

      OMV runs on odroid-c2 and i use samba protocol for sharing

      Ok, then you don't use our latest image but something else with OMV installed on top (since there's a FAT partition which is not needed on any SBC except Raspberry Pi). But ODROID-C2 is almost the same as an RPi with the NAS use case in mind (since all disks behind an USB hub which is something you clearly don't want)

      chrispe wrote:

      can i convert ntfs to ext4 without losing data?


      The post was edited 1 time, last by tkaiser: Might be wrong about official image or not. Our old C2 images also used a FAT partition. ().