My new NAS: Odroid HC2 and Seagate Ironwolf 12TB.

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      really had not considered this
      BTW: Software support is also an issue with really energy efficient x86 designs (to be used as SBC). Recently checked situation with my old UP Board using an Intel Atom:…formance-compared-to-arm/

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      As you say, the HC2 is the perfect choice in this respect. How mature is software support for the Helios4?
      HC2 is far from being perfect (both network and storage are connected via USB3 which puts a bit of an unnecessary load on the system. Also I would prefer a 64-bit ARM design these days). But HC2 simply works as performant and pretty compact NAS and very important: it avoids common hardware hassles people would otherwise have (see my signature).
      Helios4 software support is excellent due to Armada 38x SoC used there being... an older design ;)
      God - I am so torn over this issue.

      For my particular needs, I think the Helios4 has the slight edge.

      However, I also hate fans. Just thinking outside the box, how easy would it be to somehow use the Helios4 with a 140mm PWM instead?

      Is it possible to turn off PWM fans completely when not needed?
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