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      What are the default permissions of files stored on Openmediavault because I have lot of files with owner "911" or "99", and the group is "users". I've copies over this files from a unRAID server.

      If I check cat /etc/passwd I don't see any owner with this ID.

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    • I've found the Openmediavault "reset permissions extention" that solved the owner / permission problems of the files. Now I have still a problem with a share where I don't see the files in the webgui. If I go to shared folders and then edit the problem folder by selecting the path I don't see the files in that folder. Other folders are no problem I can see them when I check the path. Anyone know what's going on?

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    • Looks like some of your unraid settings were copied among your files. That's why you were seeing this 91 owners, those were remains of previous acl's.
      Can you see your files from shell when logging over ssh or if you boot some live CD like Ubuntu?
      If yes I would just create new folder with default permissions and then copy all your files to the new directory. Then set any permissions you need using OMV.