Noob install issue - Grub install fails, read-only file system

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    • Noob install issue - Grub install fails, read-only file system

      Hi all, I've been using OMV for a few years and decided to upgrade my old OMV "2.xx" to 4.
      However install repeatedly fails installing grub ...

      I have 2x USB, both new and were blank until a couple of hours ago. One is imaged with the source iso, openmediavault_4.1.3-amd64.iso, and the other is to be used as the system drive. All other drives are disconnected.
      The installation assigns sdb for the destination drive, and I see it attempt "grub-install /dev/sdb"

      That's where it fails

      When I try it manually from shell I get:
      "grub-install: error: cannot delete '/boot/grub/i386-pc/serial.mod' : Read-only file system"

      Help please, I know virtually zero about this sort of thing.
    • Ok, so after posting this I thought I'd check my last post/issue from 3 years ago. That was a RW issue seemingly caused by a failing USB drive.
      Luckily I bought 2 new drives, so I tried the spare, and the install went through fine, so my new Sandisk USB drive looks like it's not good ... Anyway, all fixed using a different USB drive.
    • skattrd wrote:

      mdadm: no arrays found in config file or automatically"
      I'll deal with that tomorrow.
      omv-mkconf mdadm should fix that.
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    • It doesn't load OMV, so I don't think the above will work.

      After lots of the mdadm no arrays found, it fails at dev/sdb1 does not exist and then drops to busybox.

      I'm guessing the fail is because it was installed as sdb, but the other drive has now been removed so it should be a different letter.
      I'll look for how to rewrite the boot.
    • As I'm useless with linux I couldn't get the 4 install to work.

      Whilst browsing threads of people with similar issues I saw some rolled back to 3, aha, 3 works. So I did a clean install of OMV 3.0.9 then ran omv-release-upgrade which got me a fresh 4 install.
      Then omv-update to patch ... done, well not quite.

      I now can't login to the webgui
      admin:openmediavault doesn't work

      reset console admin password
      Nope still can't login with reset password.