Reinstall of OMV due to a dead drive

    • Reinstall of OMV due to a dead drive

      So I am new to the OMV system and I heard clicking noises coming from my server, I already knew, a dead drive. But the weird thing is that isn't the main OS drive and I can't access the web GUI from my internal network. The bad thing is that the clicking drive is one of my main file drives and I didn't back up, I know shame on me. But the thing is I can't figure out why I can't access the other file drives nor the Web GUI. So I took the clicking drive out of the server thinking I could connect it to a Windows 10 PC and back the drive up and it doesn't detect it at all. So as a test I booted up the server and I get a BIOS beep code of no boot device detected and now I am like huh? How can I get the files off of that drive? Also do I need to re-install the OMV OS to fix this and if I do will I lose my files off of the other drives or will they just re sync? I read something about if I were to do a re-install disconnect all the drives but the drive you want the main OS on. Sorry that I am chalk full of questions, new and still learning this system. Thanks.
    • Windows 10 is not a solution to look at Linux filesystems.

      You better get a CD image like systemrescuecd and boot this up, try to mount readonly what is on the kaputt disk and save the readable files to another disk.

      It might be a good idea to get help from someone who has done this before and is well versed in the Linux ecosystem.
    • A clicking drive is most likely a completely dead drive. In that's the case, to get data from it, you might be looking at forensic recovery that's beyond a home user's capability and way too expensive to farm out to a recovery firm.

      @DHGE is on the mark regarding Windows 10 - it can't "see" Linux file formats - and with trying to use a recovery CD. (There are plenty out there and it won't hurt to try.)

      Where OMV is concerned:
      If you physically remove the dead/dying drive, OMV might boot but without a lot of details on the failure, there's no way to know for sure.

      While I regret the potential loss of your data, this incident might underscore the genuine need for backup. Since you're new, take a look at this -> guide. There are sections on OS and Data backup you might find helpful, along with how to set up SMART with notifications, so that your server will E-mail you when a drive is staring to go south.

      (Back in a few days)

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