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      Hi there,

      Quick question regarding my planned over haul of my server.

      I started running OMV aver 4 years ago and set up my first RAID. The project went smooth and the OS running ever since with no issues. I decided it was time to look in to updating to a newer version of OMV. I would like to know what considerations I need to make with regards to my RAID drives and data on them when doing this update. Can i simply pull the data drives out, install the new OS, configure it then reinstall the drives and have OMV see them as they do now?

      I know my way around a computer enough to get in and (sometimes) out of trouble but having only dealt with RAID this one time was curious on the process.

      Thanks in advance

      Model: Revocenter
      CPU: Intel Atom CPU D525 1.8GHz
      Ram: 2G
      OS: OMV V1.8 (Kralizec) running Plex
      Raid 5
    • This is what I would do:

      1. make a backup of your system drive (just in case you have to go back)
      2. make sure all your plugins are available in OMV 4 (OMV-extras)
      3. make screenshots of your configuration; additionally safe config.xml for reference, if you like
      4. shut down server
      5. unplug your data drive
      6. install OMV
      7. plug in your data drive
      8. star up the server (OMV should autodetect the RAID)
      9. do the configuration

      Remark: a lot or users prefer to use plex in a docker rather than using the plugin (I use still the plugin, though), I am afraid ryecoaaron might drop the plugin soon
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