Remote mount problems

    • Remote mount problems

      Hi Everyone;

      I've got my system up and running (by the way by far the best i've worked with) but as I guess everyone do need more space.

      So I've got a firewall powerpc running Mikrotik os and have open sata ports to add more drives.

      Did it and shared the drives via SMB and FTP within Mikrotik and all is well from my windows 10 pc but for the life of me cant do a remote mount via web gui.

      I've tried both ftp and smb and get all kinds of errors from host down to parse errors that makes no sense.

      I then accessed the OMV server and added the mount via curlftpfs and it works perfectly.

      Now can I please just get the options portion of a currently working ftp remote mount of anyone willing to help a fellow OMV enthusiast out? 8o