SMART Status unknown

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    • SMART Status unknown

      Hi all, I was cleanign out the inside of my case this week as it lives in the garage, I unplugged drives etc and plugged back in but possibly the sata cables did not got on the drives they were on before.

      Nothing seems effected except for the SMART status now, 2 show up as green, the other 8 just shows Unknown with no temps or anything. This has not changed for a few days.

      Is there a way for me to get that detail back?
    • I just upgraded to OMV 4 yesterday. I am in the same situation, I run OMV from an oDroid XU4, updated everything (kernel included). I am using a USB 3 3.5 inches external HDD that had SMART information on OMV 3.
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    • It appears you may have violated an old technician's axiom, "If it works don't fix it".

      For future cases, if you want to clean dust out of a PC case:
      Connectors can (should) remain connected while using a bit of compressed air; no more than 30psi and no closer than 4 - 5 inches from the surface. Also, it's best to put a finger on fans to hold them still,, compressed air can over-speed them.


      Take a look -> here. Smartmontools are already installed in OMV so you can skip the install. See if Smartmontools still work from the command line.

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