Can somebody explain this "error" message to me

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    • Hello,

      just stumbled upon this thread when browsing the forum for the first time. The command "fsck" is one of the commands used to check filesystems under Linux, like chkdsk on Windows. But, as with Windows, fsck can only repair offline filesystems, so, you can't use it when the filesystem is mounted. I don't now your setup, but I'd supposed that /dev/md0 is where your shared folders are located, so, it will be mounted and OMV will always access it.
      You could umount it manually, but I would not recommend it since it could mess up things heavily - so, in my opinion, the best way is to reboot the OMV since Linux checks (and if necessary repairs) all filesystems at boot, before any other tasks like OMV are started.
      But, I would strongly recommend to create a backup of your NAS soon, since a filesystem with errors could corrupt your data - this is also very important before rebooting the box, although it's unlikely that the fsck itself corrupts the data, it could happen and you could end up with a messed OMV installation.


    • You need to read up on using fsck on software raid installations.

      You may be in a situation where the right fsck command can fix the errors in seconds. Or you'll have to scrap the whole raid array and restore from backup. If you have a backup...

      Bad advice may well turn the first case into the last. So don't be surprised when no one wants to tell you exactly what to do.

      (I never fsck:ed a raid array.)

      But I can give you one advice, same as onebofh18 gave above: Make sure you have a good backup before you do anything else.
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