recommended10gb network card

    • OMV 4.x
    • I use both the ConnectX-2 and ConnectX-3 SFP+ single port 10G Nics

      I have also used a Chelsio dual port NIC

      This is in both OMV3 and OMV4

      No issues with standard OMV install or function.

      However, if I run the dual Chelsio NIC and the Proxmox kernel, only one of the NIC's is recognized. This is the same within my two OMV servers or three Proxmox servers.
      I believe this issue is related to how the NICs get recognized and named under the Proxmox Kernel
      - There is a fix for this, but you have to use the command line. Revert back to the old name scheme of eth1, eth2 ..... vs the new scheme of such as enp2s0 etc....