Weird OMV 4.x Problem with RAM

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    • Weird OMV 4.x Problem with RAM

      I've been using OMV for something like a year, and i'm pretty much satisfied with it, it's really awesome.

      Today, i remembered that i had a far better config taking dust in the basement that what i was using OMV on (an old Athlon xp 3800+ with 2Go of DDR... let me tell you it feels like a toaster for what i use OMV for ;( :rolleyes: ), so i decided to start a new install from scratch, of OMV 4.1 with the latest iso to then migrate everything i need migrated (knowing me it'll take time and i'll screw a few things along the way, so it allows me to keep the old server available during that time :D).

      The new rig is a M4N78 ASUS PRO CM, with an AMD Athlon II X4 620 (2.6GHz), running the amd64 iso of OMV 4.1.x (the latest one), with 2 2Go DDR2 memory sticks.

      The install went without problem except... the OMV Dashboard is showing 1.5 Go of RAM... out of the 4 Go installed on the machine.
      I did a couple reinstall and moved around the RAM modules accross the memory banks before trying to search more info about it, but nothing did it.

      In the end the results are :

      - the OMV server sees the 4 GO properly, when using free -h, free -m, nmon, htop, lspci, hwinfo, lshw tools (ie : 4GO)
      - the Ram in the OMV dashboard is still displayed as 1.5Go
      - when i boot the machine under Kubuntu 18.03, the latest Manjaro, the latest Kali linux it shows (and displays in sysmon) the correct 4Go amount of Ram

      I wonder what is wrong with the Dashboard and how that can happen.

      The HDD i installed it upon was an old (like 10 years ago) linux install, but i wiped it clean with parted before installing, and it hasn't been anywhere or with anything installed on it since.

      It's not really a "problem" since the system recognize the correct amount of Ram (and i really "feel" the difference during usage :D), but it irks me and pisses me off that i don't have the "correct" info reported in the dashboard.

      Any idea of what can be the problem ?
      I must admit i would like to solve that before moving in my config and backups and all the hdd of my old config.
    • OMV uses


      1. free -b -t -w
      to get the memory stats.
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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    • votdev wrote:

      OMV uses


      1. free -b -t -w
      to get the memory stats.

      Doesn't really change my problem (wich like i said seems to be only a display one).

      The "funny" thing is that i started playing around with VM, and i've got an OMV install running in a VirtualBox VM on that computer that sees the totality of the alloted RAM (wich is more than what is shown on the dashboard of the host).

      In the end it's not really a "problem" since it looks like it's just a display glitch, since the system sees and use the RAM but it irks me.
      I'll have to reinstall soon since the decade old drive used is dying on me (i guess it didn't like spending over 5 years in a drawer not properly protected....) and i'll have to get a new one and reinstall anyway.

      Thanx for the answer though. ;)