JDownloader not connecting after Docker plugin update

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    • JDownloader not connecting after Docker plugin update


      I updated the docker plugin and the intel microcode. I restartet my system. The jDownloader container start but if I go on MyjDownalder I didnt see my system.
      I watch in the logs and saw following error:

      Source Code

      1. Log.L.log 8/26/18 12:25:06 AM - SEVERE [ Log.L.log ] -> java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
      2. at jd.SecondLevelLaunch$10$1.run(SecondLevelLaunch.java:781)
      3. Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: No Console Available!
      4. at org.appwork.console.ConsoleDialog.<init>(ConsoleDialog.java:54)
      5. at org.appwork.console.ConsoleDialog.<init>(ConsoleDialog.java:60)
      6. at org.jdownloader.api.myjdownloader.MyJDownloaderController.start(MyJDownloaderController.java:118)
      7. at org.jdownloader.api.myjdownloader.MyJDownloaderController.<init>(MyJDownloaderController.java:107)
      8. at org.jdownloader.api.myjdownloader.MyJDownloaderController.<clinit>(MyJDownloaderController.java:32)
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      Does any of you have the same problem or has something ever happened to you?

      Greets Blubmann

      Edit: Something in the Bind mounts was wrong, now it works

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