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      Morning all,
      I am new to OMV as well as Linux. I purchased an rpi3b and installed OMV per the tutorials.
      I am having a few issues. The first is the Antivirus. I scheduled jobs to what i think would be every day at midnight but it never ran. I deleted all the jobs and created only one.
      I tried to manually run the job but I have an error. I tried to google search the error but didn't find anything. Maybe one of you guys can help me out.
      The other issues I have I will address in another thread after i do some research.

      Here is the error. Line 7 says it couldn't connect and states there is no such file. I am not sure what this means and don't know how to address the issue.
      Hopefully, one of you can help me out.

      Brainfuck Source Code

      1. Please wait, scanning shared folder <Music> ...
      2. WARNING: Ignoring deprecated option StatsEnabled at line 69
      3. WARNING: Ignoring deprecated option StatsPEDisabled at line 70
      4. WARNING: Ignoring deprecated option StatsHostID at line 71
      5. WARNING: Ignoring deprecated option StatsTimeout at line 72
      6. ERROR: Could not connect to clamd on LocalSocket /var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl: No such file or directory
      7. ----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
      8. Infected files: 0
      9. Total errors: 1
      10. Time: 0.000 sec (0 m 0 s)
      11. Done ...
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    • This is a problem of the clamav Debian packages, see and

      To workaround this issue simply force freshclam to download the latest database.


      1. # systemctl restart clamav-freshclam
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