Help, need old image

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    • Help, need old image

      I hope somebody can help me getting the right image for my Pine A64-LTS / SoPine board.
      It seems development stopped last year, but the current Pine64 image doesn't work for my board, due to different memory.
      I love OMV,ran it on a RaspberryPi. But the network speed is too slow.

      I hope anyone is out there......

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    • OMV can't be installed on top of Ubuntu. You need Debian Stretch and there's the problem (Sorry, just remembered now):
      • OMV3 requires Debian Jessie and Jessie on arm64 is EOL (armhf/32-bit is supported by Debian's LTS team but not arm64/64-bit)
      • OMV4 requires Debian Stretch which requires a kernel 3.16 or newer
      • Fully functional kernel for A64 boards is still at 3.10
      So you would either need an OMV3/jessie image using an armhf userland (something ayufan might have somewhere) or an OMV4/stretch image using mainline kernel (no idea whether this exists -- I totally lost interest in Allwinner A64 in the meantime)