Problem seeing files / folders containing special characters (e.g. umlaut)

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Problem seeing files / folders containing special characters (e.g. umlaut)

      I am running OMV 4 on a raspberry pi, and connecting various other machines via NFS and SMB. I have many file and folder names that contain special characters, such as umlaut. These seem to be stored correctly, and are fine when viewed via NFS connection (e.g. Windows 10 pro NFS client). But the files and folders are not visible when viewed via SMB (e.g. WIndows 10 home Samba client). I have tried adding the following in SMB Extra Options settings of OMV:

      mangled names = no
      dos charset = CP850
      unix charset = UTF-8

      These were recommended in another place, but looks to me like they are default values anyhow, and don't make any difference. The files and folders are simply not showing via Samba. Any suggestions?
    • sifzrl wrote:

      Any suggestions?
      Don't have more than one filesharing daemon active to access a share. So it's either NFS or SMB but never both at the same time (same with AFP). What you experience is quite normal unless you use only plain ASCII and avoid any special chars.

      sifzrl wrote:

      seem to be stored correctly
      Be careful: with Unicode characters seem to look identical but are not since there exist 4 different Unicode normalization forms of which two are used in the wild (for more details do a search for 'UTF-8 precomposed vs. UTF-8 decomposed' for example).

      Samba does some sort of encoding mapping that needs to be configured while NFS (prior to NFSv4 and an administrator who sets up everything correctly) doesn't care. So everything as expected.