Connection timeout from Kodi to OMV

    • OMV 4.x
    • Connection timeout from Kodi to OMV

      I am running OMV as a file server for my Kodi boxes. OMV is running on a Rock64Pro box, and I have three different Kodi boxes running on Raspberry Pi 3.

      When I try to play a movie on any of the kodi boxes that use OMV for storing the files, Kodi freezes after about 50-52 seconds (I have tried NFS and SMB). I have to unplug Kodi to get it working again. The NFS and SMB shares all look to be set up correctly as I can access them just fine. On OMV I looked at Diagnostics > System Logs, but did not see any entries during the times I experience this error.

      On my original setup, I was hosting all of my movie files on a Windows machine and those stream to Kodi over SMB just fine. That combined with the fact that this problem is on all three of my Kodi boxes makes me believe the issue is with OMV.

      I am hoping someone might have an idea if I set something up incorrectly on OMV. I am new to OMV so it is very possible.

      Update: I wiped the image and just setup Debian with NFS and I have the same problem. I guess the issue is with the RockPro64 board, although I have no idea what the problem is...


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