Advice: SMART Power mode - Lets make it GREEN

    • OMV 3.x
    • Advice: SMART Power mode - Lets make it GREEN

      From the beginning is Omv Nas made as media vault ONLY for streaming.

      Smart->Settings->Power mode.

      1.Which option is best for my use,so the hdd`s do not spin 24/7 ???
      (the disk`s are:2X WD Red4tb, WD Green 1tb ,Ssd-Omv os on it)

      There are Scheduled tests for all device`s on every monday at night.

      2. System Logs->Logs->Syslog
      I notised a message:

      monit[767]: `fs_srv_dev-disk-by-label-media4tb` space usage 99.9% matches resource limit [space usage>85.0%]

      The "media4tb" is filled with data and there is 2.14 gb left of free space(there shall be no more write`s on it). Than is another hdd add and with unionfs merged into one whole.

      Is this bad, does it need to be changed?
      What is aftermath if i left as it is?