Location where the WEB settings are saved

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    • Location where the WEB settings are saved

      Good night, I have a client that was running OMV 2.0, x still, but today in an update of the security packages, something went wrong and the openmediavault package just like php5-fpm was uninstalled.

      Now I have a big problem at hand, because the server is currently running, but if I restart it, I know that the services will no longer work (including integration with AD).

      I would like to know where ACLs, shares, etc are saved in OpenMedaVault to see if these files are still saved, so you can try to reinstall it on another server and overwrite the configuration files and see if it works or not.

      This place has more than 30 shares with different permissions per user and group, so I need a way to not lose those shares.

      Thanks for your help.
    • Good evening friends, I was able to find the file: /etc/openmediavault/config.xml

      My question now is if I can get this file from 2.0.x and play on an OpenMediaVault 4.1.

      My goal is that only shared folders and other preconfigured services (even if the shares in Samba and NFS) are not configured.
    • That is sadly not possible. If you want to do so you need to upgrade from 2 to 3 and then to 4.
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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