Snapraid config backup

    • Snapraid config backup

      Here's my issue:

      My system disk died. I was still on OMV 2 so decided it was time to upgrade to omv4. All my data was backed up so data loss was not an issue.

      While I was at it I changed my 2 raid 6 arrays to snapraid and mergerfs. Other than the time it took to copy data to snapraid from my backup after flattening one of my raid arrays and the time it took to do the original sync everything went fine.

      I added the plugins I wanted (mysql, autoshutdown, and connecting to vpn on boot) configured them and everything is running as it should.

      Now I need to get my media apps going that are now deprecated in OMV 4 so it's time to install docker. I enable the repo, install the plugin and get errors. I've installed, reinstalled searched for solutions to no avail.

      I figured I would try an OMV 4 clean install again and see if it helps. The issue? the fresh install will rename my drives and I will have to do a forced sync again (snapraid noob here). I just don't want to wait that long again.

      Is there a way to back up my snapraid config and mergerfs config etc and copy the info back after a fresh install?

      My system is an older supermicro rack server.
      My snapraid is 8 x 2tb content/data and 3 x 3tb parity. I have taken the second raid 6 8 x 1tb drives off line a will decommission once i get OMV 4 set up to my liking.

      Any advice/suggestions.

      I'm open to trying to get docker going, but at this point I'm tired of trying at least until I do a fresh omv install to see if that helps. I'm tired of the Failed to execute XPath query '/config/services/docker' error.
      Found several threads that talk about it, but none of the suggestion to fix it worked for me.

      Thanks in advance.
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