How to share folders with Nextcloud

    • OMV 4.x
    • Resolved
    • Thank you MrC for your quick reply.
      I've already tried some settings but did't got it to work.

      I've tried it as follows:

      1. Created users with the same username/password as the corresponding user in OMV
      2. Created a "home" group and added users to it that should have access to their home folder in Nextcloud
      3. Enabled the "External Storage" app
      4. Went to Admin -> External Storage and added a new entry as follows
        1. Folder name: "NAS Home"
        2. External storage: SMB / CIFS
        3. Authentication: Log-in credentials, save in session
        4. Configuration: Host = localhost, Share = home (Remote subfolder and Domain left blank)
        5. Available for: home(group)
        6. Under Advanced settings for this entry:
          1. Enable previews
          2. Check for changes: Once every direct access

      This resulted in a red exclamation mark. When I try to access to the "NAS Home" folder it shows:

      External mount error

      There was an error with message: Empty response from the server. Do you want to review mount point config in admin settings page?

      Any idea???