Mistake in the documentation

    • Resolved
    • OMV 4.x
    • Mistake in the documentation

      I don't know if this is the correct section, but I couldn't find anything more specific in the forum. There is a mistake in the OMV documentation pages, more specifically in this one: openmediavault.readthedocs.io/…general/certificates.html

      In the last section, about Let's Encrypt certificates, the string


      should be


      The file fullchain.pem is a combination of cert.pem and chain.pem, and it is what is installed in the system by the omv-letsencrypt plugin when a new certificate is created. In a previous certificate update iteration, I only copied the cert.pem file and I had issues with the certificate on the webserver (it was kind of recognised as self-signed instead of as a let's encrypt one). Today I took the time to reset everything and create a new, proper certificate, and only now I've noticed that the file to be copied is fullchain.pem and not cert.pem.
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