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    • under Advanced settings I had Use internal DNS checked and Use received DNS with user-entered DNS unchecked. So I changed it to the below:

      Under Basic Settings/Network I had Use DHCP checked. I now have it as below, unchecked.
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    • Well Since I moved to a new system my Nextcloud remote does not work any longer for any reason, on a new arm install, I was able to have it working locally got new certificate but definitely does not like the PHP file because now when I enter the I am getting redirect to with for result Unable to connect

      So I would be interested by peoples who got a working reverse proxy connection if they could post their config files.
    • after finding out the images I was using were wrong Ive gotten to the point now of running the letsencrypt image and fowling out the same spot Agricola was with the port forwarding. I'm doing this for my work and am trying to go off an existing system, the current network is an Airport Extreme base station with an older external hard drive attached that we all share. not to mention they used a belkin router as a switch because the Airport didn't have enough Ethernet plugs haha. in any event I am bringing in my old router witch is pretty nice (huge improvement to whats here) and try letsencrypt with that

      but to the point of deleting the files in the letsencrypt folder here is a simple and pretty powerful command you can do from the shell in a box or any other terminal. You're right you most likely don't have to delete everything but I always do when doing stuff like this just incase. Especially when its as easy a this command.

      to delete a folder use this
      root@server:~# rm -rf /path/to/directory/

      to delete everything in the folder use this
      root@server:~# rm -rf /path/to/directory/*

      so it will look like this for everything in the folder
      root@server:~# rm -rf /sharedfolders/AppData/Letsencrypt/*

      hope this helps you guys and hopefully I'll have a remote server up and running tomorrow. this post has helped quite a bit so far. Thanks
    • Thanks for the terminal info. I am very weak on command line. I have been saving every little snippet I can find and building a cheat sheet.

      I gave up on my Airport Extreme and bought a Netgear R7000 router. Being a die-hard Mac guy I never thought I would but I did. There was not enough control over the fine details with the AE.

      Also, sadly, I gave up on trying to get Nextcloud to work on OMV. I found NextcloudPi setup on an Odroid-hc2 to be so much easier, still using DuckDNS and Letsencrypt. I have decided to use my OMV for just a LAN server. Trying to figure out rsync right now.
      Retired. Love to garden and mess with computers. The more I mess with both the less I know about either.
    • I dot not think, you need to remove everything in letsencrypt folder, further more if you do you will loose the issued certificate you can only get 5 in a period of time. If you got to the point you reach the max allocated , use one more domain name in duckdns and in letssencrypt configure as domains1, domains2 so you get 5 more even if you goal is to use domain1 if you need 5 more add domain3 etc.
      Also a tip do not keep any DHCP sample or/and nextcloud.config.sample since after a while the software might try to use them and you will get an error for sure.
      remember arm board DH should be set to 1024.
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